StratCol's Successful Tips

The secrets to success in implementing a debit order system:
Depending on your type of business, preferably refer to a 'Payment Commitment' than a 'Debit Order' form when requesting your client to sign it.

You should question your client's intention if he is reluctant to sign the debit order.

Keep in mind your client is making use of your expertise / skills and not because of the payment method, therefore you should dictate method of payment.

Consider allowing your debtors to pay off their arrears with amounts they can afford. Every small amount counts.

Not all clients will allow you to initially debit their accounts; therefore the repetition of your request will guarantee success.

Did you ever wonder why most corporate companies, for example insurance companies, banks, motor finance, etc. only allow one payment method, namely a Debit Order; it gives them control, immediate history and statistics of these payments.