Non Authenticated Early Debit Order

What is NAEDO?

A Non-Authenticated Early Debit Order refers to a type of Early Debit Order instruction given to a particular bank to process an electronic payment earlier in the day. Subsequently, once a customer gives an authorised debit order mandate to a user (a collector or beneficiary of the debit order), the user can electronically collect payments against the customer’s bank account. (PASA, 2019) 

NAEDO’s are also known as Smart Debit Orders because of the mechanisms it has of collecting payments. Traditionally, debit orders give instructions to the bank to debit the account on a particular date, whereas NAEDO’s are able to track the bank account for a number of days until the payment is collected from the bank account. Collecting payments through NAEDO gives the user an advantage of increasing their collection success rates. 

How StratCol can assist with NAEDO transactions

On request, StratCol can track your client’s account for the availability of sufficient funds. Various options for tracking times are available. The account can be tracked for 1 to 10 days, 14 days, 21 days or 32 days.

All new NAEDO agreements are issued with a DEBICHECK agreement.

Mandates (Debit Order form): 

  • StratCol can furnish you with a PASA approved mandate, individually branded. 
  • Should voice mandates form part of a marketing drive (Call Centre marketing), StratCol can guide you in the use of a PASA approved script. 
  • NAEDO / DebiCheck mandates can be captured on StratCol’s Web Interface or generated through our E-Mandate / Payment Instruction facility or Mobile Application.        

Transaction days:

  • Transaction days can be customised to suit your needs which means any day of the month. However, the first tracking day should fall on a banking day. 

Payment and reporting:

  • We support various integration options e.g. system-to-system integration, SFTP and Mobile integration.
  • Split payments are possible. 
  • Payment is accompanied by a Payment Report indicating the status of transactions and reasons for unpaid amounts. 


  • Securities for collection services will be determined based on the risk profile of the client.


  • We support various integration options e.g. System-to-System integration, SFTP and Mobile integration.
  • Our INTEGRATOR platform can be defined into subsystems and modules to be embedded into your business software platform.
  • The functionality of the modules can be aligned to suit the process flow within an organisation. 


  • StratCol’s fees compete well with those of other service providers and are of the lowest in the market. .
  • Fees are determined on a client-by-client basis. Contact Us to obtain a Facility Application to assist us in establishing your specific needs, after which an official quotation will be forwarded to you.

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