Why StratCol should be your preferred service provider:

StratCol competitive Edge

StratCol Competitive Edge

StratCol is the market leader in the collection and payment facilitator’s industry. Our success is based on our flexibility and dedication to the needs of our clients.
StartCol First Time Debit Order Users

First Time Debit Orders

Debit orders will enhance your company’s cash flow, decrease financial stress and improve your payment processes.
StratCol Integration


Our StratCol Systems Platforms incorporate an integrator platform which enhances systems collaboration and efficiency.

Collection and Payment Services

StratCol EFT - Ordinary debit orders

EFT (Ordinary Debit Orders)

With ordinary debit orders, the client’s account is debited early evening on transaction day.

StratCol DebiCheck


DebiCheck is an electronically authorised debit order mandate. It is an Authenticated Early Debit Order which provides permission for the tracking of an account for the availability of sufficient funds, from early morning on the first transaction day.

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StratCol Third Party Payments

Third Party Payments

This service allows us to make bulk payments on your behalf.

StratCol Retailer payments

Retailer Payments

Payments can be made at various retailers at over 45000 pay points nationally. StratCol is fully integrated with PAY@.
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StratCol Credit or Debit Card payments

Credit / Debit Card Payments

Credit / Debit Card payments are available through our E-Mandate and Payment instruction facility.

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Additional Services

StratCol Authentication and notification

Authentication and Notification

  • Account Holder Verification / AVSR
  • Identity Verification
  • Bulk SMS

Streamline your notification and authentication processes.

StratCol E-Mandate & payment instruction

E-Mandate & Payment Instruction

Give your clients the opportunity to pay for services and products safely and securely online.

Promote effortless online transacting by providing an E-Mandate/Payment instruction link to your customer through e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp.

StratCol Mobile Application

StratCol Mobile Application

The objective of this application is to make your field sale available to your head office in real time in order to process the deal/contract as quickly as possible.

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